6H – Kidovation Champions

Last week in school, 6H completed the Accenture design challenge ‘Kidovation’. The children created their own personas in order to solve the big problem that was posed to them: ‘How might we encourage children to live healthier lifestyles?’

They created their solution prototypes to appeal to their persona in line with this. The children went through the process of completing a persona, ideation, prototyping and then pitching their ideas.

One of the teams won one of the four judging categories for the Accenture National Kidovation Award. This was an amazing acheivement, especially considering more than 115 schools were taking part.

The children who were in the winning team winning the Picasso Prize for overall appearance and external design were:




The winning design
The team pitching their design to the class.

Here are some photos of 6H designing and making their prototypes:

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