6H – Kidovation Champions

Last week in school, 6H completed the Accenture design challenge ‘Kidovation’. The children created their own personas in order to solve the big problem that was posed to them: ‘How might we encourage children to live healthier lifestyles?’

They created their solution prototypes to appeal to their persona in line with this. The children went through the process of completing a persona, ideation, prototyping and then pitching their ideas.

One of the teams won one of the four judging categories for the Accenture National Kidovation Award. This was an amazing acheivement, especially considering more than 115 schools were taking part.

The children who were in the winning team winning the Picasso Prize for overall appearance and external design were:




The winning design
The team pitching their design to the class.

Here are some photos of 6H designing and making their prototypes:

Feed the birds

Year 1 learnt about the diet of different animals in their Science lesson, categorising them as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. They then focused on some of the wildlife closest to home – garden birds. They learnt about some of the food that birds eat and followed a recipe with support to create bird seed balls for the outdoor area. First they carefully chopped sultanas, before adding them to a mixture of different seeds.

Next they grated cheese and stirred it in.

Finally they mixed in melted coconut oil, before spooning the mixture into different cookie cutters to shape them. Once the mixture had cooled and set, they were hung outside in the outdoor area for the birds to eat.

Year 2 are engineers: building bridges

Year 2 learnt about different bridges located in Leeds and Kolkata as part of their topic lessons. They considered how the bridges were designed to be free standing and stable, experimenting with straws and sellotape to create prototypes. Then they planned and built their own bridges in groups, measuring, sawing and using glue guns to join pieces of wood. They added corner supports to further strengthen their bridges.

Year 1 make Tudor houses

Over the past few weeks, Year 1 have been busy making Tudor houses in order to create our very own Great Fire of London in school.

They worked in pairs to first design their houses, exploring historical designs and noticing that many of the houses were wider at the top than the bottom. They considered the materials that Tudor houses were made out of (and how flammable those materials were), before discussing what they could use to create their houses. Next each pair selected the two cardboard boxes that they were going to work with and created a design, thinking about how they would join their boxes together and then strengthen them.

The first part of the make involved the children stuffing their boxes with straw to make them more flammable, sealing the boxes and then joining them using masking tape. Next they used paper mache to strengthen the boxes and secure the join.

After that, the children painted their houses white. Once they had dried they used cardboard buttresses to support the houses and keep them standing upright.

Once their houses were stable, each pair painted on the wooden beams before decorating and then attaching their roof.

The children had a great time making their houses and are very excited to burn them to recreate the Great Fire of London next week!

Here are some of the finished results:

Baking scones in 1M

This week in their topic lessons, Year 1 learnt that the Great Fire of London started in a bakery shop. This inspired them to have a go at baking themselves. They followed a recipe to make healthy raisin scones.

First they sieved the flour into a bowl, before rubbing in the butter with their fingertips.

Next they stirred in milk, vanilla essence and raisins.

Then they rolled out the dough and cut out the scones using a cutter.

After that they brushed the tops with milk and popped them in the oven.

Here are the finished scones!

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Finally Year 1 tasted their scones and shared their thoughts.

Year 4 make pizzas

Year 4 have been busy making healthy seasonal pizzas as part of their cooking curriculum.

First the children selected seasonal vegetables to use as their toppings.

Then they measured the ingredients, kneaded and rolled out the dough.

Next the children chopped the ingredients to add as the topping, before sprinkling them on the base.

With the help of Mr Moore the pizzas were then cooked using our very own pizza oven!

The children enjoyed tasting the finished result!